The Scottsdale Community Garden Club was established in 1976 by former Scottsdale resident Mark Miller. Now more than 100 members strong, the group is made up of residents from Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, Phoenix and Studio City, CA


The Scottsdale Community Garden Club offers gardening experience for everyone from the total beginner to a master gardener. You garden on your own plot and members are there to guide you, share their experiences and give you a helping hand.


There is activity in the garden throughout the year since our mild winters allow for a fall/winter crop as well as the traditional spring planting. Most of the vegetables you may have grown elsewhere in the country will thrive in one or both of the two seasons. Sweet corn, carrots, beets, onions, lettuce, cabbage, tomatoes and radishes are just some of them you will find in many of the gardens throughout the year. Flowers and shrubs border some of the gardens.


The garden is spread across six acres and is located on the extreme northeast corner of the Scottsdale Community College campus,.